Natasha Terry

Creative Advising

Artistry - Education - Purpose


I am a fourth generation artist. I spent years pursuing careers in medicine, psychology, and education, all the while gazing back longingly on the rich art experiences of my youth. Whenever I hit plateaus working in rigid, heavily defined roles, I fall back on the arts. Art persistently helps me inquire deeper, find direction, and nourish my soul.

I have zigzagged from the conventional to the unconventional, as a needle pulling connective thread through disparate tapestries, cinching them together. My perspective has become kaleidoscopic, encircled with unique angles. Seeing with greater dimensionality makes it increasingly clear how different contexts and fields of study can benefit one another, making them healthier and more whole.

By sharing my dynamic skills I can help cocreate a more beautiful world for all life forms.

Working Together

Think of me as a translator between the practical and imaginal. I help make the possible actual. All aspects of life can be experienced through the lens of artistry. Each of us is an artist, constantly engaged in creation. If you could recognize how you are always already creating, how might you move differently?

You can consider me a creative ally, someone with resources and insights in service of your soulful flourishing and meaningful projects--whether personal or professional. When we work together, it is a colorful collaboration. We focus on what matters most to you and what needs clearing. Where in your life could you benefit from more creativity and innovation?

Together we richly examine choice points, patterns, and potentials. We tap into the intelligence of your imagination; I lend mine as needed. By vividly imagining how to bring you and what you care about to life, we make pathways forward.


When we rely too heavily on old systems and structures, it can sometimes feel like meaningful change is out of reach. However, if we learn to shift our perspectives and tap into creative resources, there are transformational risks worth taking.

When you look inside yourself and out into the world, what is it you wish you were seeing? What are you dedicated to bringing to life in yourself, your relationships, and your communities? What are you ready to let go of?

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