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The world is changing rapidly and in this climate of evolution and re-invention; it is essential to link solid knowledge with intuitive, adaptive and flexible strategies. Adaptability is key.

CA are a consultancy specialising in generating custom creative packages for investors. We combine expert knowledge in the creative sector with a wealth of experience gained at the leading edge of lifestyle technology research.

As creative advisors, we engage a portfolio of visionary clients, unlocking the 'soft values' of creativity and culture to explore innovative processes, strategies and stories. With a combined 25 years at the forefront of the contemporary lifestyle revolution we bring new values to the marketplace.


CA advise on lifestyle strategies, initiatives and investments that operate between the marketplace and the creative sandbox.

We understand creativity as both a means of expression and as part of an ongoing investment process, we take it seriously, understand it's value and how to communicate this value.

We know technology as a medium for social expression, identify clear reference points and leverage social, creative and economic value for our clients.


case studies


Inside Out
Creating an identity for Stockholm's creative quarter.

When property owner Vasakronan wanted to re-focus the identity of their Telefonplan development, they came to Creative Advisor Group with a simple but challenging task: 'Turn Telefonplan inside out...'. The area, known as Stockholms creative quarter is sited in Ericssons old fabrication factory and now houses hundreds of creative business, studios and one of Stockholms top art and design schools, Konstfack. But from the outside, it looks like a functional and dull industrial area.

So how to turn an area Inside Out? How to reveal the creativity, the excellence, the characters of those who are shaping the quarter?

The solution was to reveal the identity of the area through a series of massive portraits that transform the site into a large scale art installation. The portraits are from a series of photoshoots, where ten groups of creatives and personalities from around Telefonplan were invited to express their personal identities and their relationship to the area. The result presents the visitor with an intriguing and playful interpretation of not only the personalities of the inhabitants, but also the nature of Telefonplan itself.


Creating an identity for a high profile educational building.

We were commissioned by Swedish property developer Atrium Ljungberg to create a reference work for their new educational building in Sickla, Stockholm. The piece is a slow motion interactive video installation where passers by are invited to record a three second video clip. Instantaneously, the clip is converted to a 36 second slow motion video portrait that is streamed to screens around the building.

SloMo functions on a number of levels: from an interactive artwork, allowing passers-by to author an experience; to representing the ideals and aspirations of a new experiment in education and social development. The process of creating SloMo was one of co-operation and partnership: meeting with the residents of the building, the local authority and the property developers to understand the values, needs and aspirations of the new venture. These were then discussed in a creative workshop at the Interactive Institute before starting a process of concept development, iteration and experimentation by the creators.

By bringing together the stakeholders, creatives and creators, we nurture an attitude of encouraging and enabling collaboration, analysis and creative exploration. This will continue into the future as we gain an understanding of how Slomo continues to provide a stimulating, provocative and playful focal point for both the young and older creatives as well the building and it's neighbourhood.


DelayMirror Wall
Enhancing brand identity in the Fashion retail sector.

We were approached by fashion retailer New Look to develop a DelayMirror Wall as a high profile element of their brand development process. Three DelayMirrors have been installed in the communal fitting room of the profile store in Birmingham, England.

The DelayMirror Wall provides customers with a fascinating and playful experience that stimulates exciting and memorable stories, adding a new layer of engagement and enhancing the high street fashion experience. For New Look, the installation has generated significant media attention, strengthening their brand and identifying their store as an innovative retail space.

Standing before the DelayMirror 'video mirror', you see yourself as you were 3 seconds ago. The feed is continuous, without break, so a twirl, a pose, a quick dance is always delayed in time. Three seconds is a magical pause when we stop thinking of the present and think of something happening in the past. So when you look at yourself in the DelayMirror, it's almost like looking at someone else - a digital doppelganger. They look like you, move like you, dress like you, but they are doing what you did a few moments ago. This is no ordinary mirror, there is no direct reflection, no direct response, what you see is who you were.

DelayMirror has been running in the flagship Birmingham store for over a year: a favourite with customers and store staff alike. The installation continues to entertain customers and strengthen New Look's identity as a highly successful energetic brand in the fashion retail industry.


Cultural Infrastructure Kista
Developing a cultural framework for a business development region.

CIK is a strategic project that has established a cultural framework into the social fabric of Kista and the surrounding area. Kista is one of the leading international clusters specialising in mobile and network technologies and technology innovation.

CIK has been positioned as a cultural interface, promoting and enabling cultural productions in public spaces from a wide cultural base, actively promoting digital art, design and architectural projects and building opportunities for new works around Kista. This was based on a solid understanding of the business, cultural and political workings of the area, the result of a six month research period that concluded with the CIK pre-study.

The results to date have been very encouraging: there are now several grass-roots community based arts projects in place, a theatre company, a new digital arts centre is being planned and the City of Stockholm have committed 10million SEK and a project manager to the development of art in Kista. The original goal: to promote the cultural development of Kista, finding new opportunities, catalyzing new initiatives and collaborating with commercial, civic and creative partners has been surpassed, Kista now stands with a strong cultural foundation and a range of stakeholders willing and able to carry the vision forward.